For a technician who has been famous and experienced for decades certainly know better and will surely know about the tricks alias that is easier and easier to run or perform installation or installsai OS like Windows 7, Vista, Seven, Ubuntu and Android froyo to various type of computer, laptop or notebook though. Well then how about with you today, what you all have to know all about how insatallasi a very easy and simple? If among you there are still one or some who do not know how, then I will gladly share here.

Perform the installation or reformat the hardrive is a very easy job if you really want and are willing to do it real, provided that at least you should read the tutorial first before doing it. The first you can do ISTALLASI windows with the CD or DVD if your computer is already Devices with removable storage CDRW or DVDRW both the brand Samsung, LG and other brands, then the second you can also use the alternative if there is no existing CDRW or DVDRW I have mentioned above is by way of installing the OS with USB FlashDisk either windows7, seven, vista, mac OS, Ubuntu or android froyo with a simple and easy.
Download : WintoFlash

Here's a little tutorial and its instructions :
  1. Prepare a minimum of 1-8GB FlashDisk depending on the size of data files that you want to install the OS on your computer.
  2. Download Application WinToFlash then I gave above to completion.
  3. After the extrac file that is successful you download to a folder like My documents or other folders.
  4. Enter FlashDisk to your computer's USB or Notebook.
  5. Then insert the CD or DVD that also contains the OS Win7 or XP in it into a CDRW or DVDRW or Notebook computer.
  6. Then double-click to open the application WinToFlash that you have saved in the folder
  7. Then click Select Windows source path to choose and determine the CDRW or DVDRW Devices that contain a CD / DVD windows you have entered before, if you have found a direct click OK.
  8. Then click Select USB Drive to determine and direct into the USB Devices flasdisk you have entered earlier as well as a container for storage of data to be transferred from the CD / DVD.
  9. If it is true of all, and then click Run until the transfer process is completely finished.
  10. If the process is complete, then restart your computer or notebook, then go into the BIOS when you boot your computer, then ubat settings in the bios and select USB Devices, then click save and exit to begin the installation processing your OS with USB FlashDisk to completion.
Just so that I can say, hopefully what I've been sharing on this blog can be useful and beneficial for all my friends. Do not forget to write comments if necessary.
Regards successful.

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